News & Views - February 1980 - Issue 11


Dear Friends,

The church’s season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 20th February. For those who would like to mark this occasion with an act of worship and a time of Christian fellowship, there will be a service of Holy Communion at St. Giles’ at 10 a.m., followed by coffee at the Vicarage. The previous evening, we hope to welcome many of you to our home for the traditional Shrove Tuesday Coffee Evening. Full details of this will be found on the back page.

Some Christians feel that Lent is a time for a spiritual-check-up. Most of us would benefit from a little self-examination to discover where our personal practice falls short of our professed discipleship. Our Lord Himself is the supreme example to follow in matters of regular church attendance, private prayer, bible study, sacrificial giving and, perhaps most important of all, in sheer Christian goodness.

Missionary boxes are available in church for those who wish to use this season for extra giving. The Lent Study Course-will meet on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. in the Vicarage. we shall be looking at the Gospel of St. Luke and relating it to Israel today., This will prepare those of us who are planning to spend Pentecost in Jerusalem and also Prove interesting to others less fortunate. Incidentally, there are still a few vacancies in the party which leaves London on May 24th.

Yours sincerely,

Douglas Gibson

Donations to Biggin Church received in memory of the late Daniel’ Bradbury of Bank House Farm amounted to £264- 50. Mr. Bradbury served St. Thomas’ as both churchwarden and secretary to the Parochial Church Council. Our sympathy goes to Mrs Bradbury, their eight sons and all members of the family.


I would, like to share a few memories of the old Smithy at Newhaven, I first went there about 48 years ago, taking our work horse to be shod. Often, there would be 3 or 4 horses waiting in the lane, but I was always happy to spend the time watching Harry Watson fashion the red-hot iron bar into a horseshoe that was always a perfect fit.

I am sure that most farmers in the area will, at some time, have taken their machinery to be repaired there, after much grumbling, Harry would make a replacement for the machine, and this would often be in working order even when the machine itself was on the scrap-heap.

Sometimes he would turn to lighter work, and I was once” shown a fender and complete set of fire-irons which he had made for a wedding present. They were polished as bright as silver. He had no sons to follow him, so sadly another local craft was lost.


In the days when the trains were running between Ashbourne and Buxton, two elderly ladies, one from Hartington, the other from Biggin, sat on the railway seat on Ashbourne station waiting for the 4.10 p.m., train to Buxton. The train came in and being deep in conversation, they did not hear the whistle blow. Seeing the train disappearing through the tunnel, the Hartington lady remarked, “Did you ever see the like to these engine drivers”!!

  1. Shirley

National Family Week is being held by the Church of England Children’s Society during the week beginning March 16th. Our local secretary, Valerie Shipley, would appreciate help with a door-to-door collection. Volunteers should telephone 344.

We are most grateful to all who provide flowers for our churches and to those who so skilfully arrange them. The 1980 Flower Rotas are now awaiting offers of help in Hartington Church porch and at Church View, Biggin.

The Carol Singers at Hartington raised £27.43 for the homeless and the refugees. To this was added the amounts placed in the special envelopes for the Christian Aid Christmas appeal.


  • The wind blew cowd, very cowd o’er Grin Moor, When a big load o’ coal came to Isobel’s door. Isobel were a widder, poor lonesome and awd Her’d bin sadly pinched a’ that winter wi’ cowd.

Chorus: To me ri-fol-de-diddle-ol, Ri-fol-de-diddle-ol Ri-fol-de-diddle-ol.


  1. She made a great fire, her huge body to warm, she turned herself round and she laughed at the storm.

For carping and caring she ne’er were inclined,

If her body were easy, well, so were her mind. Chorus

  1. A neighbour coming in and seeing what passed, Said, “Isobel, I fear you are making great waste. For if in this way you mean to go on, your new load of coal, it will quickly be gone. Chorus
  2. Then Isobel stated with some little ire, ”I shan’na go starvin’ when I can get fire. For while A’ve get coal, I shall lay a bit on, for begad sir, I’m starvin’ enough when I’ve none. Chorus

This song was given to Mrs Vera Shirley by Miss Dora Oliver. It is believed to have been composed by the Rev. Matthew Beetham, Vicar of Sheen until 1848, writing about a real woman who lived at Grindon Moor. Dora recalls her Uncle Harry singing it when she visited his hotel on the Isle of Wight. Mr. Harold Oliver had previously kept the Charles Cotton Hotel. Vera’s father, Mr, George ’Fid’ Adams, often accompanied Mr. Oliver on the fiddle.

Congratulations to Ron Riley, manager of the Wymeswold Dairy, who in December won 1st prize in the Stilton Cheese section of the Melton Mowbray Fatstock Show.

…….also, to Stephen Birds who won the cup for the most improved player in Biggin Junior Football Club.




. Methodist

Feb. 17    •

10 & 3.45


.   2.30


10 & 3.45


• •

March 2    •

W & 3.45


*   2.30

9 •

8, 10 & 3.45



16 .

10 & 3.45


*   2.30


23 .

10 & 3.45


30 *.

10 & 3.45


.   2.30


Mothering Sunday services will be held on March 16th commencing at 2.3O p.m. at St. Thomas’ and 3.45 p.m. at St. Giles’. Staff and pupils of our local schools will be taking part in both’ services. The speaker will be Hr-. Ray Dawson of Taddington. A Coffee Evening will be held at the Vicarage on Shrove Tuesday, 19th February at 7.30 p.m. Tickets are 20p, children 10p. Donations and gifts for the cake, grocery, fancy goods and white elephant stalls will be gratefully received. We hope to arrange a few games and competitions.

Biggin Church Clock fund has received a donation of £10.00 and £50.00 from the Christmas Carol Singing. The next event for this cause will be a Dance with organ and drums in Biggin Village Hall on Saturday, 15th March at 8.30 p.m, Admission is 75p (children 40p) and there will be a mini-auction during the interval. Refreshments will be available and a Bar has been applied for.

Annual Church Meetings will be held at Hartington on March 21st and at Biggin on April 21st.