News & Views - September 1978 Issue 1

Dear Friends,                                                      

This first issue of “News and Views” is being sent to you with a personal invitation to keep harvest Festival this year. Times of services are set out below, the churches will be decorated on the previous day and harvest gifts will be gratefully received, whilst help with arranging them will be much appreciated. Harvest Sales will take place in school or chapel on the Monday evenings at 7.30 p.m.

I am pleased that both P.C.C.s have agreed that we should share our harvest thanksgiving by supporting the Bishop of Derby’s “Harvest for the Hungry” appeal, A donation will be sent from the proceeds of the collections and sales, whilst any wishing to give something extra will find special envelopes available in church. The Bishop’s fund is intended to help those countries where harvests fail and food is scarce.

                                                                     Yours sincerely,


September 24th                                                                                               

St. Giles Hartington 8 a.m , 10 a.m & 7:30pm Biggin Methodist Church 2.30 p.m. & 6.30 p.m,

October 1st                                                                                                  

St. Thomas Biggin 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.

Hartington. Church Bookstall has been well used during the summer months by both visitors and local people, Christmas cards and books, for Christmas giving’ are in stock.

both for adults and children. If you cannot see what you

want on display, please ask Mrs Betty Gibson or the Vicar, it may save you a trip to town.

Mr Tom Oliver of 6, Bankside, Hartington, retired on August 11th after completing 45 years’ service with Derbyshire Silica Firebrick Company Ltd.

It ain’t what it used to be!!

It’s sad to see the steady decline of Hartington Wakes, which used, to be the main event in our calendar not toolong ago. In fact, most people did their spring-cleaning and. decorating especially for the occasion.

Wakes Sunday (this being the one falling on or nearest to September 12th)- was the day for family gatherings, followed, on Wednesday by the Oddfellows Club March and Feast. The equivalent day at Biggin was the Shepherd’s Club on the Monday, with part of the fair being there for one night. The week was rounded off with the Sports, held in the ’Cotton’ field, the various attractions including motorcycle racing in later years.

Of the fairs, Bishop’s / Ray’s has been coming to Hartington for well over sixty years and used to be set up in the village centre, until ever increasing motor traffic became a hazard. People came on foot from all the surrounding area and the village was probably more crowded that week than on a busy summer weekend now!

Brian Shirley


In October I shall be leaving for the post of lecturer in English Language at the University of El Minya in Upper Egypt under the auspices of Voluntary Service Overseas. VSO forms part of British Aid to Developing Countries, training graduates of all fields throughout the summer for particular skilled and teaching jobs in the Third World, where they are employed by the local government. This summer I have attended Teacher Training, Egypt Briefing and Arabic Courses run by VSC in British Universities and will be teaching future Egyptian teachers 6f English, the ultimate aim being to improve the standard of English taught in Egyptian schools – very important in this age of technological development.

  1. Martin Wibberley.

The Secretary to the Hartington Parochial Church Council for the past 16 years has been Mrs Vera Shirley and the  gratitude- of the P.C.C. has been placed on record. Her successor is Dr. John R. Hollick.


Although it was winter my first impression of Australia was of bright blue sky and. brilliant sunshine. The temperature was around. 70 – 725 degrees all the day with about 8 hours of sun. At about 5 p.m. the sun disappeared and the darkness fell in 5 minutes, there being no twilight as we know it.

Australia is very clean and tidy; you see no litter or cans in the street. The beaches are spotless although there are always people using them for picnics, surfing etc. Dogs are not allowed on many beaches; they are only allowed on special dog beaches. There is a dog catcher and if your pet goes out unattended on the streets or gardens, he is taken to the dog pound where you have to pay a fine in order to release him. You can’t deny that he belongs to you, because every dog must have his licence number on his collar.

There is a special branch of the police for motoring offences which is called the R.T.A. They ride powerful motor bikes and are responsible for charging offending motorists. Seat belts are used in the back seats as well as the front and there is a fine if you do not wear them.

Although Australia is one of the world’s biggest beer drinking countries, you are not allowed to drink beer in pub gardens or car parks. Many Australian churches are dual purpose buildings. On Sunday they are a place of worship and on other days are used for-all the other parish activities.

Most. homes are bungalows with verandas and over- hanging eaves to give protection from the sun. One thing I found was that all Australians have a great pride in their country and are . willing to tell the visitor of all the best places to. see. You don’t hear them always complaining, my memory of the “Land, of milk and honey” as they call it, is of a friendly, noisy people and of beaches, of lovely white sand and blue and silver sea.

Jessie Prince,

Biggin School

During the holiday new curtains have been fitted in the old block. The effect is most pleasing. At last workmen have repaired the patio area in front of the new block – C.G. Truman

Church .Services for October 1978

Winter service times

From November the 8 a.m. service of the Holy Communion at Hartington will be held on the 2nd Sunday in the month only, whilst the evening services will be at 3.55 p.m. There will be a family service at 3pm on November 5th. As last year there will be a remembrance service at Biggin on November 12th at 2.30 p.m. when the singing will be accompanied by the Warslow Silver Band

“Biggin down the ages” exhibition and Gift Weekend.

Ee by gum what-e-show wae ad mekin thrae undred pounds f-yer owd church. Sew mony thanks fer ow-yer gidd and ow-yer lent.


The new address of Robin and Lynda Hill, nee Prince, is Flat A203 Parkside Flats, Herdsman Parade, Wembley 6014, Western Australia. Lynda was most grateful to all who contributed so generously towards her wedding present of silver candlesticks.

School Harvest Services will be held in Grindey’s Barn, Hartington on September 28th at 11am and in Biggin School on October 4th at 2:15pm. All welcome

Material for the next issue to the Vicar please.