News & Views - December 1983 - Issue 39


Dear Friends,

Doves are carrying a message of peace on this year’s special Christmas stamps. A dove is featured on each of the 5 designs: ”Christmas Post”, “The Three Kings”, “‘World at Peace”, “Light of Christmas” and “Christmas Dove”.

“Christmas Post” shows a flurry of birds including a dove posting Christmas greetings. “The Three Kings”, represented as chimney pots with a dove and a cat at peace with each other, are featured on the 16p stamp. A dove and a blackbird sharing the shelter of an umbrella, on top of which the snow forms a map of the world, depict the “World at Peace” on the 20 ½ p value. The “Light of Christmas” is illustrated on the 28p stamp with a dove and blackbird perched in the glow of a snow-capped street lamp against the background of a star-lit sky. The 31p stamp, entitled “Christmas Dove”, features snow settling on a garden hedge sculpture of a dove surrounded by a group of colourful birds, including a robin.

The front cover of the newsletter illustrates Noah’s dove returning with a fresh olive leaf in its beak. This showed that the flood waters were subsiding – a token of God’s mercy to Noah and his family. The first text points to the One whose birthday we are about to celebrate, Jesus the Son of God. At His baptism in the River Jordan, He saw the Spirit of God coming down like a dove and alighting on Him”. As Prince of Peace, He still offers peace to war-torn humanity.

After watching the T.V. film “The Day After”, with its horrific scenes depicting what a nuclear war could mean, it surely behoves us to pray more earnestly for world peace. At the same time, we must recognise that peace must be based on justice, for wherever there is injustice in the world, conflict is almost inevitable. On the more personal level, it is in our hearts and homes that we crave for peace. There is no short- -cut to this. It is only in the measure that we submit our lives to the control of the Prince of Peace that we can experience His promised peace, which passes all understanding – and mis- -understanding!

My wife joins me in wishing you and your families “grace and peace…from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”.

Douglas Gibson

Biggin Youth Club entertained the over 60s to Christmas Dinner in Biggin Village Hall on Saturday, 10th December. Mavis Dale of Parwich accompanied the community singing and dancing on her electronic organ.

The Christmas fair made a profit of £240.00 f or Hartington School funds.                                                                                        …….

Friends afar. Brian Wager is spending Christmas with Martin Slack .in Johannesburg, South Africa, whilst Paul Mollatt will be in the same part, of the world at Lesotho. Branda Critchlow will be ai ‘Kappnga, near Mt. Egmont, on the south west extremity of New Zealand’s North Island. She works on a 2010-acre farm and rounds up the sheep on horseback. Contrary to expectations, Martin Wibberley hopes to fly home from Kuwait on December 22nd. Jennifer Wain, now Mrs Bryan,- is still laying in New Hampshire, U.S.A, and has recently qualified as an estate agent, selling houses, insurance and travel. During Brian Wager’s month’s stay in the southern hemisphere, he and Martin hope to go on a trip to Botswana.          •

Christine Hitchen is the new Parish Clerk of Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council, succeeding Carol Clayton.

Church Clocks require regular attention and we are grateful to the wardens at Biggin and to Alan Shipley who cares for Hartington Church clock.-

On the Leek Citizen’s Advice Bureau Pub Quiz final night to be held in Leek Town Hall on Tuesday, 20th December, Irene Berry and Heather Bassett will be competing for the trophy to be awarded to the lady gaining the highest individual score. The Devonshire Arms is also seeking to capture a new trophy in the Pub of the Year contest, the results of which will be announced the same night.

In the Derbyshire Farms Competition, in the section for uplands stock rearing farm (with ‘dairy herd) 750 feet and over, 1st prize went to Arthur Flower, Biggin Grange and 3rd prize to John. Flower, Hawkslow Farm, Parwich.

Mrs C.M. Hodgkinson, leader of the Alstonefield Darby and Joan Club for the-last 25 years has died.

Hartington Stilton. Cheese was recently nominated 2nd by a gathering of Euro MPs in Strasbourg.


Biggin School Carol Service in Biggin Church

21st          7   p.m.   Carol Singers meet at          Church View, Biggin

22nd         7   p.m.   Carol Singers meet at          Stone’s Shop, Hartington

24th          4   p.m.   Carols round the Crib          for all the family in

‘ Hartington Church.

6.45 p.m. Carol Singers meet at Biggin Hall

11.30 p.m. Midnight Communion at Hartington Church

28th 8 p.m. Family Christmas Party with Pandemonium Disco in Hartington Village Hall.

Holidays 1984— The Vicar has been invited to escort a party to Greece, “In the Steps of St. Paul”, July 27th – August 11th. Full details available at the Vicarage, telephone 280.



Envelopes are available in- church for those wishing to make a gift for the world’s poor, the refugees and the disaster victims through Christian Aid.