Village Pump

The Village Pump

Village Pump and Wishing Bucket

Pre 20th Century nearly every household would have its own well/spring which was their water supply. For some it was in the garden from a natural spring; others in the more privileged homes it would be a pump in the kitchen.

A photograph here shows 2 children fetching water pre 1902 when the stone memorial cladding was installed. It is thought the water was from a natural spring. We are researching its origin and mechanism to raise the water. The geology of Hartington, based on limestone, has abundant springs, a “seam” of which run from here along Dig Street and up the valley to the medieval springs at Ludwell and beyond.

The postcard picture of the boys sat on the pump in their Sunday best is dated 30th September 1930.

Eva remembers, as a child in the 1930’s, fetching water in a bucket for Mrs Bunting (the house opposite the war memorial) and receiving an apple for her trouble.

There are records from the early 1940’s of members of the YHA staying at Hartington Hall fetching water in buckets using yokes before they could have their breakfast- quite a feat up Hall Bank, known locally as “Uptown”.

The photograph here shows, in 1941 the evacuees sitting on the steps, many of them came from Manchester and Leigh on Sea in Essex.

Mains water came to the village in …………….. This was from Redway Hollow at Sheen; true to its name often it would come out of the tap with a reddish hue- leaving a permanent mark on the baths and wash basins in the houses who had a bath.

All voluntary donations in 2020 will go the current community ‘wish’: to replace the 48 year old heating system in our Village Hall.